Q.   How do your GPS trackers work?

A.   All of our GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers obtain their location using a fix from at least 4 satellites and in the case of our live trackers such as the Track Pods and Enforcers the position is sent to the customers mapping panel which can be accessed via the internet on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Or in the case of our text trackers such as The Sentinel a text message with its location and a colour map WAP link.

An example of how a mapping panel works is shown on this link  http://www.trackershop.ie/mapping-panel

Q.   Does a GPS tracker work inside a building?

A.   GPS trackers get optimum GPS signal when used outside. Inside buildings the signal can be restricted which in turn gives restricted tracking.

Q.   Can your magnetic trackers be placed under a vehicle, won’t they fall off?

A.   Our covert magnetic trackers are designed to be fitted under a vehicle or asset. They are fitted with high grade neodymium industrial magnets some of which have a strength hold of 50kg. As long as the magnets are fully attached to the metal chassis of the vehicle (Not the exhaust pipe) the magnet(s) will keep the tracker in place.

Click on this link for an example of how to fit a covert magnetic GPS tracker  http://www.trackershop.ie/attaching-a-tracker

Q.   Do I need to download any tracking software to use your trackers?

A.   No we have done that for you and programmed the tracker for you to use as soon as you receive it All you need to do is login to your private mapping panel via the internet. We have set up your mapping panel and issued you with your unique login number and password.

You will need Microsoft Silverlight to view the mapping panel on your PC which will be automatically downloaded for you the first time you use the mapping panel if it is not already on your computer.

Q.   Can I track more than one tracker on my tracking panel?

A.   Yes you can track up to 50 trackers on one panel at anytime and you can view from as  many computers as you want simultaneously.

Q.   Are the trackers batteries rechargeable?

A.   Yes, they are Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, each tracker is supplied with a battery charger which you plug into a wall socket in the same way you would charge a mobile phone. And to make it simple for you to know when it needs to be charged your mapping panel will show you how much power is left in your trackers battery and warn you when it needs charging.

Q.   Do your trackers work abroad?

A.   Yes in most countries as long as there is a mobile phone network that can be used to transfer data to your mapping from your tracker to your mapping panel.

Q.   Are your trackers waterproof?

A.   All are to IPX6 water resistant standard. Which means they will withstand being hosed. The Track It Pouch is completely waterproof and will withstand being submerged.  

Q.   What if I have a problem with my tracker?

A.   In the unlikely event that you do our trackers have a 12 month warranty. We have a help line open from 8.30am to 6pm weekdays and 9am to 1pm Saturday which will advise and assist you with technical information.


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